Saturday, August 28, 2004

We watched football! We found Greek yoghurt with honey!

We have yoghurt!
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Yes folks. at our 20th Olympic event (across 15 sports - handball tomorrow makes it 16) we finally found a concession selling the mythical Greek yoghurt with honey - at the football final in the main stadium. How was it? Well, creamy, cooling and with a very generous portion of honey. Thanks for asking.

Of course, the football was always going to find it difficult to compete with the unbridled joy of finding the yoghurt and so it proved. The game - between Argentina and Paraguay wasn't exactly great. The half-full stadium (41,000 crowd) were treated to a 1-0 victory for Argentina which was spoiled by an over-zealous ref who was blowing his whistle far too often. Argentina deserved the win (they haven't conceded a goal in the tournament) but the contest was effectively ruined when Paraguay were reduced to 9 men with 10 minutes left. Still, was good to see the final, and the Argentines were incredibly happy to win their first gold in 52 years.

Their first gold, my first yoghurt. Can it get any better at the relays tonight?!

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