Thursday, August 12, 2004

Flag debate: your replies! Competition: your entries!


So, I watched the Greek women get obliterated by the USA yesterday on TV (they only lost 3-0, but the Greeks hardly touched the ball) but then had to go out to dinner with my fiance's parents while the men's game was on. Looks like I missed a good game - Greece coming back from 2-0 down with 26 mins left to draw 2-0. By the sounds of it they deserved a draw too - Greece had 29 shots to Korea's 9.

Anyway, onto the flag debate (see below). Kyle (who say he's kicking himself for giving in to the security warnings and not coming to Athens) says he was recently watching tapes of Linford Christie's 100m win in Barcelona 92 and there were plenty of St George's Crosses flying. So, he says,'that probably means either a.) yes you can, or b.) it's selectively or randomly enforced at the venues just like most things.' Meanwhile, Mark asks whether I could buy a Scots and Welsh flag and fly them too? Nice idea, but I'm not sure where the Celtic Flag Shop is in Athens! And finally my Mum has written to with the typically Mum-like comment that she's 'a bit concerned they might confiscate the England flag if they decide it does not count'. Maybe I could buy some blue material and stick it onto the England flag - et voila! - it becomes a Union Jack!

And still they come. Mark from Wales and Perry are the current leaders, having guessed 7 out of the 11 events I'm going to. The first entry comes from Mark from Wales, who, not content with being joint-leader has (controversially)entered again with:
Track and field, swimming, beach volleyball, basketball, football, diving, badminton, rowing, cycling, sailing and triathlon.
Just 6 out of 11 this time! Not sure if that means Perry goes into the lead or not?
Then there's Nulli Secundus who's gone for:
Badminton, Mountain Cycling, Football, Hockey, Judo, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Beach Volleyball, Indor Volleyball, Weight Lifting.
7 out of 11! We have a third leader!
Quick, someone else enter - use this evidence of all the entries so far and I'm sure you can get the magic 8! Otherwise, it may have to go to a tiebreak...

You may have noticed last night/this morning that my site design had changed. Didn't actually mean to change it - I thought I'd just looked at different options. Clearly they saved - thus deleting all my links, headers, site meter etc etc. Arrggh! But hopefully it should all be back to normal by the time you read this.

In a minute I'm off to pick up al our tickets from the Kifissia branch of Alpha Bank. Very exciting...


Anonymous said...

Just me - Kit the blog writer - checking comments are still working after my Template-change nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Hope the site meter is up and running - I want to know how many hits, or how much the press coverage has helped. I risk getting caught at my desk!! But hey - that's Mums for you!!

Anonymous said...

GREEKS ASKED TO BE NOT SO GREEK - As part of the Greek effort to welcome visitors, soldiers protecting the games have been told not to smoke or wave their hands around in front of tourists. The army has issued 15 guidelines, which call for soldiers to exchange the usual expansive Mediterranean gesticulations - "which could be interpreted as a provocation" - for solicitude and calm. The Orthodox Church has instructed its famously patriotic priests not to ring their church bells in support of Greek athletes. - Daily Telegraph Aug 12.

Chris Moonbeams said...

Hello, Just wandering the blogosphere and here I am at your blog. I enjoy the style of how you have put it all together. I'll be coming back again.


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