Sunday, August 29, 2004

Oh. What. A. Night!

Robin. And four absolute heroes.
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Last night we went to the Olympic Stadium for the final night of athletics. And what a night.

Having witnessed GB's Kelly Holmes' first round and semi-final in the 1500m we got to see her win her second gold of the games in the final (she also won the 800m ealier in the week). Absolutely amazing - she ran such a great race (in such a great time). Finally, aged 34, she's realised her potential. She'll be a superstar in GB now.

But what came after was even more unexpected and thrilling. GB won the 4x100m men's relay. Stunning. I was literally shaking with excitement. The whole place (full of Brits) just went nuts. It looked to the naked eye that we'd definitely won, but the photo finish showed just how close the US had run them. But GB did it. By 0:01. Still gives me goosebumps thinking about it now.

Steve Backley also got a creditable 4th for GB in the javelin and the mens and womens 4x400m had respectable finishes, but many a Brit will remember last night for Holmes and the 4x100m. It was an absolute privilege to be there. And a great finale to the Games for us.

Not that we're done just yet. In half an hour we're off the men's handball final (bargain 30 Euro ticket we thought). The last of our 22 Olympic events (across 16 sports). It's been a heckuva ride...


Anonymous said...

We really going to miss you brittish boy.You have done a great job!Congrats to the Brittish Olympic
team who performed splendid.I hope you enjoyed your visit to Athens and I hope you to meet you
again in cyberspace.Maybe in Euro 2012?Who knows...
Dionisis from Athens

noelle said...

I wondered if you were there last night. Congrats to GBR!