Monday, August 16, 2004

Robin meets an Olympian!

Robin meets a Lovely Olympian
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Yes, neither the headline nor the picture lie - Robin met a real life Olympian at the baskebtall last night!

Sitting just in front of us during the USA v Puerto Rico game was Deborah Lovely - an Aussie Olympic weightlifter!

She took part in the opening ceremony, and said it really was quite hard having to wait around for hours in the middle while the other athletes filed in. Australia, of course, were one of the first teams out, so she was stood there for ages. 'It was really hot in the uniforms and I was starving hungry,' she told us. 'It took a good couple of days to get over it.'

She did, though, say it was an amazing once in a lifetime experience and that she was still glad she did it. Apparently only 30-40 percent of the OZ team did (which explains why it didn't look that big).

She was a very friendly woman (Lovely by name...) and we wish her all the best in her weightlifting on Thursday. She's hoping to finish in the Top 12. We'll keep you posted...

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