Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Olympics Blog competition hots up!

Two, yes two, more entries have arrived for my Guess What 11 Olympic Events I'm Going To competition. The leaderboard currently stands as:
Paul - 6 out of 11
Noelle - 4 out of 11

George - who apparently had a top time at the Barcelona Olympics with his wife Lynn - guesses at:
Track & field; Football, gymnastics, Basketball, swimming, equestrian, hockey, Boxing, diving, wrestling, weight lifting.
Sorry George, 5 out of 11.

Japanese Captain, meanwhile, is an Italian who apologies for his/her English even though it's perfect. He/she guesses:
basketball, waterpolo, gymnastics, cycling road, cycling mountain bike, swimming, archery, equestrian, weighlifting, judo, hockey
Captain also gets 5 out of 11.

So that's bad news for Noelle (who moves off the podium) and great news for Paul (who stays bang in the middle of it).

Keep those guesses coming (studying the answers may or may not help, it makes my head hurt trying to work out if it does). The comp closes the moment the opening ceremony opens.


Darren said...

I guess....

track and field, swimming, football, boxing, volleyball, gymnastics, rowing, Triathlon, weightlifting, basketball, equestrian

Anonymous said...

Here's my guess:

Archery, Basketball, Cycling, Football, Rowing, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Waterpolo, Weight Lifting

Bob from Calgary

noelle said...

"So that's bad news for Noelle (who moves off the podium)"


THat's what I get for guessing my favorite events, lol!