Monday, August 16, 2004

Transport system. It's great.

Robin lets the train take the strain
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The transport system to get to and from the events we've been to so far has been extremely impressive.

The new metro system, which has been built over the last 7 or so years, is quick, clean and efficient. And for any day that you have tickets for an event, the whole transport system (trains, buses, trams) is free.

It's running 24 hours too for the Games. Last night the basketball we went to finished at around midnight. We went out of the venue and were directed to buses, of which there were loads, and got straight on one which took us quickly to the nearest metro station. Waited there a couple of minutes and a train took us home. Plus, there are plenty of maps, signs and tourist info people all waiting to help you out.

Must say, we've been really impressed with the organisation so far. The Greeks done good.

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